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GENRE: live service mobile racing game

DEVELOPER: EA Firemonkeys

ROLE: Associate Game Designer

2021 - PRESENT

I was invited as a guest on NFS:NL Spoiler Alert to discuss the writing and implementation of the new character 'Ronnie'. Video below.

Claim the crown and rule the underground as you race for dominance in the first white-knuckle edition of Need for Speed made just for mobile.


  • Planning high-level narrative for campaigns and events

  • Writing and implementing engaging event dialogue and flavour text

  • Planning and implementing events

  • Owning design tasks throughout the entire workflow from conception to shipping

  • Collaborating with other teams such as artists, localisation, marketing, clients etc.

  • Championing and communicating narrative outlines and requirements to other teams, including through documentation

  • Taking onboard criticism from a variety of sources, and incorporating those notes into iteration

  • Difficulty balancing and polish for singleplayer and multiplayer events

  • Working with script languages and in-house tools



GENRE: live service mobile racing game

DEVELOPER: EA Firemonkeys

ROLE: Associate Game Designer

SEP 2021 - DEC 2021

Take on the world-wide motorsports - anytime, anywhere! Real cars. Real people. Real motorsports.


  • Planning and implementing quests and car series

  • Implementation of cars and other game content

  • Writing dialogue and flavour text

  • Collaborating with other designers to design new features

  • Bug fixing and balancing

  • Working within licensing agreements


GENRE: game

DEVELOPER: TechTree Interactive

ROLE: Narrative Designer Intern

SEP - DEC 2019

TT banner.png

Unannounced game title from TechTree Interactive.

As part of an internship opportunity I worked at TechTree Interactive as a narrative designer on their unannounced game title. I was responsible for developing and implementing narrative for the first area of the game, as well as assist with larger game-wide narrative beats.


  • Writing scripts and systemic dialogue (barks)

  • Planning and implementing environmental storytelling in UE4

  • Implementing narrative and narrative triggers in engine

  • Creating and maintaining documentation

  • Assisting with worldbuilding, plot outlines, and character guides

  • Iterating on feedback

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